Do you come from a mindset of why me?

Why am I the only one that is on time (or late) …

Why am I the only one that feels so upset (or can’t feel any emotion) …

Why am I the only one always saying sorry first (or can’t says sorry) …

The list can go on and on …


Let me ask you, when you say why me ____ how does that make you feel?

What does that do to your energy?

Wether the why me fill in the blank is true or not, how does it leave you feeling?

I’m going to suggest a slight mind shift that I want you to focus on for one day, one week, one month … then I want you to notice how you feel in your life?

So what’s the mind shift?

Ask yourself: Why not me?

Any time you stumble upon something upsetting or frustrating and your mind wants to say, why me? I want you to ask your self, why not me?

Say that out loud right now, why not me?

What do you notice with your energy? How do you feel when you state those words? How does it leave you feeling?


Perhaps you notice some alertness.

Perhaps you notice some energy.

Perhaps you notice some curiosity.

So, why not you? Why not me?

Let me know how this goes, send me your thoughts and questions to

To your well-being!