Sometimes we wake up and we are feeling just not quite ourselves. Maybe we’ve had an unsettling conversation the night before. Or perhaps we are going through a life change such as a relationship break up and everything including your body feels surreal.

Here are the three simple exercises that you can practice that will help you feel more grounded and whole.

Tree pose

The tree pose that comes from Yoga is a balance pose. In this pose we are forced to come into alignment with our body by turning inwards and noticing with awareness our body. In this pose you will rooting yourself to the ground through your standing leg, you will reach to the sky with your arms and with your folded leg you will find alignment and balance. By allowing yourself to become balanced and feel the ground beneath you, you will become more in touch with your body and more awake and whole.

Walking barefoot

Have you ever walked barefoot at the beach or in your backyard and noticed the feeling of being more alive? So take off your shoes and socks, whether its walking around your apartment, your backyard or going for a stroll nearby. When we do something different that we usually don’t do, our brain gets the same excitement as doing something new. The act of feeling the ground beneath you will help awaken your senses in your feet and allow you to feel more within your body.

Sensing with each of your 5 senses

In our busy lives we often forget to slow down and pay attentions to the smells and sites that are there for us to enjoy. If you are feeling like you aren’t yourself, try going through each of the senses and name 2-3 things that you notice for each sense. So close your eyes and name 3 things that you love to eat and notice your tastebuds light up. Letting those go, notice 3 sounds that are present in your awareness. Allow yourself to notice the humming of the air conditioning or the soft rustle of the curtains. Then notice 3 smells that are present in your awareness, perhaps you have forgotten to notice the smell of the candle on your dresser or the perfume you put on yesterday. Then bring your awareness to your skin and body and notice 3 sensations you can feel. Can you feel the texture of your clothing, can you feel the comfort of your bed or chair? Lastly opening your eyes bring in the images and focus your awareness on 3 things and allow them to be seen as if you have never seen them before. Take a deep breath once you have completed going through each of the senses and you will given yourself a sense of awakening and being wholly present with yourself.

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