Trauma Therapy in Austin Texas

Trauma Therapy
in Austin TX


You are having Panic Attacks
You are having Anxiety
You are Feeling Tired
You are Feeling Unfocused
What’s happening?

Did you grow up with “different parents”? Did you grow up with parents that scolded you because they “loved you” and “wanted the best for you”? Maybe your parents loved each other but couldn’t stop yelling and screaming at each other. Sometimes they did the silent treatment, they didn’t talk to each other for days. Your first boyfriend, he was great; he just got mad when you really hurt him.

You thought this was normal. You thought everyone’s parents’ yell at them ‘once in awhile’. You thought all parents get dead drunk when they’ve had a bad day. You thought all couples fight when they are upset with each other. Women are nurturing and caring, so we have to take care of our men when they get angry with us. You thought it’s all ordinary.

Until …



You looked around and listened to your friends.

You started to notice, not everyone’s parents yell and scream. Some of your friends can actually tell their parents when something has made them upset. Some of your friends actually WANT to turn to their parents for support.

You started to notice couples that don’t have blow out fights. Couples that talk about their feelings when they are upset with each other.

And now you are beginning to wonder, what’s normal? What’s average? What’s real? Was your experience like everyone else’s? Was your experience ordinary? Or was something missing from your life?

If you are finding yourself asking and wondering whether your experience growing up was usual, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m a nurturing and caring therapist that helps women begin to look at their growing up years to see if there were any missing pieces. Some women know there are gaps in their soul that need healing, other women realize they can give themselves compassionate mothering to be their better selves.

I take a holistic approach to healing our mind, body and soul. The human body is made in perfection and with some gentle support, effort and intention, we can return our bodies to their full functioning capacity.

I have helped many women, like yourself, heal their anxiety. I have helped women overcome stress and worries that hold them back.


Are you ready to soar to new heights?

Are you ready to be your best self? Let me support you in your journey, I’ll provide a trusting safe place for you to flourish.

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