trauma healing support group

A Healing Space for people experiencing trauma with the current crisis situation in Gaza and Palestine. 

the current crisis in gaza, palestine may have reignited past trauma or been the source of current trauma for you and your loved ones. this space is for you to find safety and God willing, bring peace back to your nervous system so that you can show up for the ones that need you. 

In this support group, you will find a safe space to process the current crisis in Gaza. You will find a place to connect with others that are also hurting. This will be a space for you to find connection and heal with others, where we will mourn, pray, learn and heal together. This space will be an on-going support group where you can always keep coming as current crisis unfolds and God willing, peace is restored back for the people of Palestine. This space is also open to other people who have experienced war traumas or traumas of being a refugee from their native lands all over the world. All are welcome. We will heal together and peace will be restored.



Any adult that is wanting a safe space to process the current genocide happening in Palestine and how that is affecting their life. Any adult that has been wounded in war trauma and has been removed from their home without their choice.


Based on the need, I will be having options for a group in the AM, lunch hour and one evening option.


We will meet online. A link will be provided to join via a secure portal. IF THERE IS INTEREST, I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE ONE IN-PERSON OPTION IN MY FALLS CHURCH OFFICE. 


The cost is $85/session due at the beginning of the month. There will be sliding scale options (starting at $25 for those in low income situations). If you are unable to pay, no one will be turned away.

My Experience

I’m a heart healer and soul mender. Let me help you support your nervous system in this time of crisis. Together we can bring peace back in your life and this world.

To learn more about me, you can click here.

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