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Therapy for Muslims By a Muslim

I serve all clients. If you identify as Muslim in one way or another, you may find it safer to reach out to a Muslim therapist. Someone who understands you, your cultural background and your unique challenges.

are you looking for a culturally sensitive therapist?

Let me begin with a quick story. When I first began looking for a therapist, there were no Muslim therapists where I lived. So I chose a therapist based on my insurance and based on their website. That was great, the therapist was wonderful, warm and professional. I was happy to have found a therapist that matched with me, however, there was always something missing. There was always a gap when it came to understanding my religious beliefs and values and my cultural background. Sure I would explain things to her and she was open to learning, however, that knowing that comes from within wasn’t there.


So why am I sharing this story with you?

Well I want it to be different for you. I am a born and raised Muslim. As a Muslim therapist, I understand where you are coming from. I know what it’s like to live in a Muslim family and to grow up with certain cultural expectations. Of course you are unique and your experience is an individual experience and I cannot have experienced everything that different Muslims will experience coming from all over the world. What I can offer you is an understanding and connection that is deeper than just knowing superficially. I have grown up with things that Muslims go through. As an Indian, I am familiar with the desi cultural expectations and things unique to us. Marrying an Arab man has exposed me to the Iraqi culture and the nuances that they live with.

I came to the US when I was 11, so I’ve lived the FOB (fresh off the boat) life. Since more than half of my life has now been living in the US, I am very much a North American Muslim. I went to high school through AISD (Austin Independent School District) in Texas, I went to college at the well known University of Texas in Austin as well as Columbia University in New  York City. I’ve even had a short stay in Dubai, UAE so I know what it’s like to live in the Emirates.

Does that mean i’m a religious counselor?

I do not provide religious counseling. I am not trained as a religious leader or in any specific Islamic studies training program. I am knowledgeable about Islam through my own learning through various scholars and readings. I believe that today we have many talented and knowledgeable Islamic leaders. If you have questions about laws and ethics pertaining to Islamic principles, it is best to ask these leaders.

My goal in providing Muslim centered therapy, is to provide a safe and culturally sensitive space for you to talk about the pain in your marriage, the challenges of being a parent, how hard it is growing up in the Western world, the challenges of being a young woman in University.

When you walk into my office and take a seat, you are in a judgment free space. You can be who you are without fear that I will put a label on you.

Negative patterns can only be changed in a safe and trusting space. I have created this space for you.

what if i’m not religious?

I work with lots of individuals and couples that find it comforting knowing I understand their background.

You are who you are and I’m not here to convert you into a version of some Islamic way of living. We are all unique and we can also come together with our common beliefs.

will other muslims find out i’m seeing you?

Confidentiality for you and all my clients is of utmost importance to me. I do not share any information about my clients or what’s discussed in session with any one. If a client is a threat to themselves or others, I am obliged to get help for them. If a child is under abuse, I am obligated to report this. This is an ethical and legal binding for all mental health providers.

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