Relationship Healing & Couples Therapy

Take your Not-So-Perfect Relationship to an Extra-ordinary Relationship

Are you hurting in your marriage?

Do you wake up in the morning and see a stranger in bed? Or maybe it’s your best friend and they can no longer comfort you and bring you joy like when you first got married. I work with couples from all paths, from lovers that have ended up fighting to people who married each other for family, customs and traditions. They find themselves hurting each other instead of nurturing their marriage, is this your relationship?

Are you stuck in a toxic relationship?

Maybe your relationship has become toxic and there’s constant yelling and screaming. Have you gotten stuck in patterns and cycles of hurting each other and then coming back together and then once again back at each other. Are you feeling depleted from this? Do you want to stop this and have more energy and love in your marriage?


Are you wondering if it’s too late?

It’s only too late if that’s what you tell your self. I know from working with couples who were ready to walk out on their marriage and gave it one more chance by choosing to see me for marriage counseling and now their marriage is transformed.

Couples dealing with infidelity and betrayal have sought help and been able to carve out a path to a more happier and successful marriage.

What does healing a relationship look like?

The first step is the most essential step, making a commitment to yourself and making that first call to come in for help can be the most vulnerable step you will make. It will also be the step in the direction of a happier and healthier you.

Whether you choose to come in together, you begin by making a commitment to each other to find a more peaceful solution to the endless fighting and bickering. I will guide you as a coach, therapist and healer in figuring out ways you are destroying the relationship and more importantly making small changes that will turn things around. I can believe healing can both take time as well as happen immediately.

Can I Be Happier in my Marriage?

Do you want to be happier in your marriage? Of course you do. And of coarse you CAN be happier and will be happier when you take that first step. I’ve seen it with my eyes in other relationships and in my own, and I know the path to more happiness will just continue.

Can I Make a Change Alone?

Some people may to choose to come alone, for whatever reason their spouse may not be ready to join in couples therapy. That’s OK. One person can make the difference as well. Relationships are a two way street, a dynamic. When one of you changes for the better, the other one has no choice but to change (for the better).

I'm Ready for the Challenge, Are you?

I’ve transformed lives by coaching and supporting couples in their toughest times, let me help you too. Give me a call today and let’s soar to new heights with your relationship! I believe in you.

Ready to begin?

If you resonate with my story or my vision, I hope you will honor that calling and schedule an appointment today to get started. If you’re still wondering if i’m the right fit, I offer a free 15-minute phone consult. You can schedule your consultation or first appointment by clicking below.