After I had my daughter, it seemed like all my good habits went out the door and all the bad habits remained. How did that happen when most people seem to get better at habits and “multitasking” after the baby comes.

Well first, there’s no such thing as multitasking.

And yes although many people do become really good at handling the care of the baby and their work, the personal life sometimes goes wayside.

So it happened for me.

My workout routine, my healthy eating – GONE!

My energy was sapped and sometimes I felt like a zombie.

Even if i had the motivation to workout, where was I going to muster out the energy after having nursed baby and with all the sleep deprivation.

Well, it took me a long time and I was able to slowly and finally start to get back on track.

And this is what I tell all my clients and students.

Start small.

Keep at it.

That’s what I did too. I made small goals. Like eating more salad and soups.

When you first start learning DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) Skills, it may feel overwhelming. Do what I did, start small. Every week, just focus on practicing one skills.

That’s the great thing about learning DBT skills, you will have lots and lots of time to master them, you just have to start small and the progress will grow.

Even though I’m still working on my habits (e’hem … working out), I keep trying whenever i can. Like this morning when I went to the park, I walked for 15 minutes with my daughter in the stroller.

It was small and it was something.

If you want to integrate DBT skills into your life, focus on one of them at a time. One skill a week. One MICRO skill a week.


To your success,
Musarat Yusufali LCSW