I remember in my very early years as a social worker. I had a vague idea of what Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) was, I just new I really liked the idea of having skills and teaching people life skills.

I now love many aspects of DBT.

I also incorporate DBT into many areas of my own life outside of my clients.

For one, I love that it integrates many different therapeutic models into a structured format. Mindfulness is an eastern based philosophy that has been around for so many years. I also incorporate the knowledge of the brain and the new science around mindfulness that is so amazing.

I utilize the relationship skills all the time with my family and teach them to my friends. Knowing how to balance our relationships and navigating what to say can be such a challenge. DBT skills gives a little bit of the structure that you need when your head is not in the right place.

I’m a big believer in your thoughts make up who you are. If you let yourself have negative thoughts, then the ANTS in your brain will kill you.

ANTS = Automatic Negative ThoughtS

In within DBT, there is a Cognitive Behavior Therapy component where we learn about the impact of our thoughts on our emotions and our behaviors.

I’m constantly using this skill to reframe my thoughts and to “Check the Facts.”

And there’s more!

Do you want DBT to change your life? You can join me in learning the skills.


To your success,
Musarat Yusufali LCSW