* Please note all details of any client have been removed to maintain confidentiality. The story below is not of one unique person but a synthesis of experience of many individuals I work with. 

Jackie was a young professional when she began working with me. She was experiencing panic attacks and was having a hard time making friends. She felt alone and scared. She was one of several individuals that came to see me for panic attacks and anxiety. 

Growing up she had experienced trauma in her home. There was no safety in her parents and there was no sweet love that every child and teen deserves.

Her messages of what love was and how to show kindness were either not there or they were mixed up with blame and anger that she had experienced.

We began working together and we focused on two main things: healing her painful memories and giving her more tools to deal with her day to day anxiety.

She began the DBT program using the videos I created and learning the skills. One skill at a time she began to incorporate small changes in her life. She began using the skills and learning which skill to use when.

After several months of our work together, I noticed some changes in her. She was reporting less panic attacks, less anxiety, and less inner conflict. 

She felt calm, excited and happy. She had come a long way.

During one of our sessions, she told me she had never felt so much happier and she didn’t know why.

Of course I knew. It was all the work she had done. Learning dialectical behavior therapy skills, allowing herself to heal from the past with the work we did together and the persistence that she kept with herself. Not giving up and believing in the power to heal and transform. 

The transformation she went through is similar to the women and men I work with. They come feeling unease and uncertainty, and leave feeling hope and healing. 

I want the same for you. Let me know what questions you have, I’m here for you.