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Musarat Yusufali
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I’m Musarat Yusufali, a healer, a coach, a mother, a lover, a human.

Your journey towards a peaceful and happy life is my priority.

I provide in-person or online therapy and coaching services. Where ever you are, I’ll be there for you.

Musarat Yusufali

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Therapy for Muslims

As a practicing Muslim therapist, I provide culturally attuned counseling to individuals and couples.

Online DBT Classes

Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills help reduce emotional vulnerability and create a life worth living for.

Relationship Therapy In Person

I work with individuals and couples like you to bring passion and joy back into your relationship.

Personalized healing

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Transform Your Soul

I help women achieve greater satisfaction and joy from their marriages.

I help couples rekindle their lost love and bring passion back into their relationship.

I support your soul to grow.