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Once upon a time, you fell in love 

There was a time when you looked into each other’s eyes and could feel butterflies all over. You waited to see each other every waking moment. You yearned to talk to each other and the days apart were torture.

Where did the spark go?

Now when you wake up in the morning, you see an empty space. The phone calls are about groceries and diapers. Where did the spark go? Where is the excitement you thought would never end? Morning kisses are fewer and far apart, if any.

Now you are questioning, how did this happen to us?

With all your good intentions at the beginning of your relationship, you have now found yourself in an unfulfilling relationship. You are asking the question, did you make the right choice? You find yourself feeling resentful and angry about your choices on children, vacations and laundry chores.

Can we turn this around?

You know in your heart you love this person, how can you turn it around? There’s a nagging feeling in you that the time is now. I work with couples from all walks of life, Engineers, Professors, Writers, Nurses, Do It All Moms, and show them the path back to that spark. It’s there, we just need to kindle it once again. YES, YOU CAN!

What if my spouse doesn't want to join me?

Some people may to choose to come alone, for whatever reason their spouse may not be ready to join in couples therapy. That’s OK. I believe, one person can make the difference as well. Relationships are a two way street, a dynamic. When one street changes for the better, the other one has no choice but to change (for the better).


You can begin today

I have put together 5 simple strategies that you can begin implementing today to take your marriage and relationship from good to passionate. 

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How do we get started?

  • The first step is the most essential step: making a commitment to yourself and your spouse
  • Ask your questions if you haven’t found them already on this site
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Hi! I’m a Relationship Healer

I’m Musarat Yusufali, a relationship healer, a wife, a mother, a lover, a human.

I believe relationships are the thread of life. We need them for survival AND relationships can take our souls to the greatest capacity you have within you. If you are looking for someone that is invested in your relationships success till “death do you apart”, you’ve come to the right place.

I look at each individual and each relationship as a unique creation of beauty. Whether you were “fools rushing in” or the “type A” couple, I will give you the tools to stop the negative cycle, rekindle your lost love, and put you in a boat of a lifetime love affair.

If you are ready to turn your relationship around, schedule an appointment.

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